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Brief History of the Municipality
  In  1900,  when  the  Americans  took  complete  control of the island, the first public school  opened by Severino  Pagalilauan  as the first and only appointed teacher. Because this man had keen business acumen, he became the most successful man in town. People looked up to him for financial help and willingly shared his prosperity with those who had less.


The other “Presidentes Municipal” that followed in close succession were Severino Perez,  Pedro  Marallag,  Dalmacio  Guillermo,  Severino  Taguinod, Luis Alonzo, Francisco Carag,  Gerardo  Perez,  Jose  Pelagio,  Pedro  Tuliao, and  Antonio  T.  Obispo   who   was alternately succeeded by his two sons named Antonio Jr.  and  Eriverto.
Those people were either descendant of Ibanags, Irrayas, or Tagalog and Ilocano immigrants who spoke their respective dialects. Although Peñablanca is very near to Tuguegarao, it has remained a town with a personality, rich with natural resources, fertile agricultural lands and vast areas of forest rich in first class timber, bojo, rattan and almaciga.
     The Callao Cave in Peñablanca is a favorite resort of excursionists. It has seven huge chambers.  Each chamber is 100 meters long, 50 meters wide and 36 meters high. Governor General Theodore Roosevelt Jr. visited   the cave in 1932. It was used as refuge by retreating Japanese Imperial Army in 1945. Furthermore, the cave is a rich resource of guano for fertilizer useful to farmers.
     In this changing country, Peñablanca people are aware that they are moving towards a bright future. This is manifested by the fact that the municipality attained the status of “first class municipality” in 1996. Such state was achieved during the term and through the able guidance and leadership of   HON.  ALBERTA O.  QUINTO, who served for three successive terms, with the assistance of the municipal officials, other government machinery and the people as a whole.

      The developments under the past administration were enhanced more and new programs and projects were introduced and implemented and new measures for improvements have been adopted under the well planned leadership of HON. WASHINGTON M. TAGUINOD
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